Ahad, 3 Mei 2015


Fergana Art is pleased to announce 2 fellowship awards for this year in:

• The Fergana Art Fellowship (Visual Arts) - A grant awarded to practicing contemporary Malaysian visual artists. This fellowship is directed towards artists who wish to take a sojourn or detour away from their current art practice in order to reflect, examine and explore new ideas, media and directions. This grant covers a period of six-months, at the end of which, the artist is expected to have a work-in-progress exhibition / open studio and engage in a public event. More information.

• The Fergana Art Fellowship (Curating/Archiving) - A grant awarded to a Malaysian interested in curating and/or archiving the visual arts. This fellowship aims to encourage research, fieldwork, and critical writing related to a proposed theme and project. The grants supports travel, curatorial/archival research, working with artists, collections or other collaborators to produce an exhibition and publication at the end of 8 months. More information.

This year's panellists are Hasnul Jamal Saidon, Hassan Muthalib, Nur Hanim Khairuddin, Simon Soon & Yee I-Lann. Applications are open from 1 May and close on 31 July of each year. Shortlisted applicants may be invited for a dialogue and presentation in August / September. The fellowship awards will be announced by September / October.

For more information please check http://fergana-art.com/fellowships/

Further enquiries regarding Fellowships please email fellowship@fergana-art.com

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